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This community came at the exact right time... I don't really use LJ that much these days, but I am around.

I guess I'd technically be called ED-NOS; I struggle with obsessive restriction and distorted body image beyond the normal. I go through waves of knowing that it's bullshit and that I need to do something about it and periods of not wanting to give it up. It's especially hard to deal with because, as an anarchist and a radical, I feel like this shouldn't effect me (though this is silly, since I have the same upbringing as most kids). I feel like a failure twice over: on the one hand, I feel like a failure that I eat as much as I do and weigh as much as I do, and on the other I feel like a failure for suffering from this at all, since I can plainly see how stupid and capitalism-created the whole thing is.

I don't really post in my journal much anymore, but know that this is a brilliant idea for a community.

PS. I don't know if any of you have seen this article, but I find it really helpful when I'm feeling down about balancing my eating disorder and my politics:
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