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things have changed a lot in my life since i decided to get over my eating disorder. i've taken enough time off from the real world to change my perspective, and i am now trying to devote my time to things other than trying to reach a magic number that would kill me if i ever got there.

i'm from Nebraska. a mid-western state that is almost in the exact middle of the united states. i've been into the punk philosophy since i was about 14, and i'm 21 now. i took some time off from caring about anything, other than food, for about three years, due to anorexic trappings. i'm a high school graduate, a college student, i have two part time jobs. for some reason, there isn't much more to say about me after that. last winter i became very involved in the punk 'scene' again. i started reading, and writing... trying to come up with something... some way to get my ideals out there. i spent a little time looking for other punks. as far as i know, i am the only girl in this city that affiliates herself with punk. i wanted to know if any one had anything to say about community. by nature, i am a collectivist. i like to work in groups. i like to do things in a communal fashion. i've decided i want to start up a zine (as far as i know, there are none in this city). eventually, i want to own a business (venue/bar/record store). at this moment, our music scene is on life support. there are two venues that function on a constant basis. there is one more that is open on sundays. after that there isn't a lot to say.

what are things like where everyone else is from?
i'm beginning to feel like there is no point in trying here. i feel absolutely let down by the scene. i need to know that things are different somewhere else. that there is at least a little hope. give me whatever you guys can.

-elle from the wasteland
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