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Mod Post!

Hey everyone, and welcome to punk_eds!

I'm one of your moderators, Alison, along with therearenofacts and veggiefat.  This community is designed, essentially, to shed light on the existence and prevalence of eating disorders within punk (and offshoot, possibly?) communities.  This is a topic that is obviously relevant and of importance to all of the members, so allow me to make an introductory post with several things I think are worth taking note of for your own personal reference.

1) First and most important, be respectful of everyone here.  I'd like to think - and hope everyone here is in agreement with me - that one of the definitive concepts of being punk is that you're more open than the average person to new ideas and beliefs which perhaps are in direct contradiction with your own, and that you are tolerant of others and their thoughts.  In other words, play nice and don't go around acting unnecessarily inflammatory like a lame-ass troll.  Debates and arguments are great... I don't want anyone here to ever feel obligated to conform to any opinions or beliefs held by community members, but don't be a bitch about it.  Opinions are like assholes, we all have them.

2) Try to keep all posts relevant to this community.  There are a million other communities where you can make posts with nothing but daily calories counts, posts containing a running play-by-play of menial shit in your life, rants about your parents sucking, etc.  Not to say that this stuff doesn't belong here, but it shouldn't ever constitute the totality of your post, or else this community will just become another one in the fifty bajillion LJ ED communities already in existence.  And we're more specialer than them other guys, mmkay?

3) Share your personal experiences relating to your eating disorder/food issues and its relation to your punk identity, as well as thoughts, ideas, questions you may find arise about said relationship.  If we want to be a part of a dynamic, fun community then it's certainly up to all of us to keep the community alive by raising new talking points and offering feedback to the issues and thoughts brought to light by posters.

4) This ties directly into Rule 1 - don't bash people for their preferences.  This means everything from sexual preferences to bands people say they like.  I assume this is something that can go without being said, but I'd like to remind everyone anyways, because elitism and condescending attitudes are very typical of communities like this one.  It's a sad fact that it will probably be inevitable to keep at least a few twelve year old "omgzzz i luv pete wentz n mah disorder mia" type posts from occurring here, but if a mature and intelligent nature of posting is normative in this forum, then these types of posters will probably not find the responses they are looking for and will opt to seek them elsewhere.

5) Last but not least - HAVE FUN.  This community is an amazing idea of veggiefat's and I hope everyone here gets a shit-ton out of it.

Love you all my dearies, and get postin'!
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